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All the trampolines merits can be discussed for a long time. Entertainment, health benefits and a great pastime are all emotional components. A lot is already known about them and all these factors can only be confirmed. But what do you know about the technical side of this entertainment? What does a trampoline consist of and how safe is it? How do trampolines for kids differ from ones for adults?

Answers to these questions you can find on this site. A trampoline is a frame structure built on metal rods. The hopping mat, springs, protective mat, and protective net are attached to them. All this is going to be no more complicated than a child’s LEGO set. Here you can familiarize yourself with technical terms and learn all about the differences between various trampoline models.

Why did trampolines become the main topic of the blog? Physical development in the entertaining process is the main plus of sports attractions so popular today: trampoline centers with 20 feet trampolines, rope parks, and climbing gyms. Classes at them develop coordination of movement, train the vestibular apparatus, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems. The adrenaline rush favorably affects the nervous system, and the resulting positive emotions perfectly fight the accumulated stress.

The popularity of trampolines is gaining momentum today, and not only among children (that’s why so many amusement parks for kids and adults have opened). Today you can buy a trampoline of any size or go to a modern trampoline center, where experienced instructors will teach adults of all ages and physical preparation to make twists in the air. How useful are trampoline exercises? How to choose the right trampoline? What games can you play on the trampoline? You will find answers to these and other questions on the pages of this site. Welcome!

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