Goliath Trampolines

The Goliath is the largest springboard and perhaps the largest private outdoor trampoline in the world. This footer is so big that you may need your own zip code. Perfect for people with large terraces, big hearts and a great need for fun.  Great options for those who want the biggest and best trampoline ever built.

Goliath frame is complemented by a high-performance non-slip surface and robust safety cushions. A great option for those who want the biggest trampoline that ever built. It’s like having your own springboard at home.

Goliath trampolines II may be the younger brother of Goliath, but he is still an older brother. You may not have a backyard, but you still have a big yard and you want the whole family (and the neighborhood) to be happy, this is the place for you. It’s like having your own trampoline park in your own yard.

This is large trampoline from all the trampolines for sale to the common consumer. The aptly named Goliath was created by the trampolines Vikan and measures an incredible height of 16 feet on 24: the absolute mother of all trampolines.

But if you only care about the size of a trampoline, there is simply no competition. In addition to its impressive diameter, the Goliath has a weight limit of 800 pounds, which is more than enough to satisfy anyone who wants to jump on it. It is also very durable (as expected) and surprisingly secures thanks to its excellent padding with galvanized steel, even if a mesh case will cost more.

For most consumers, Goliath will not be a practical option. But if you want to buy the trampoline that surpasses all others, this one is for you.