Long-distance moving

We moving between states 3 times. First moving was about 20 years ago and we are not sure that Longdistancedallas, local movers in Dallas TX existed then as a company (otherwise, we turned to them). Two other times we did our moving were within the last 6 years (from Wyoming to Nebraska and then from Nebraska to North Carolina). These times we had to move belongings like the entire house (around 2,100 sq. f.)

When we addressed to long distance movers, we wasn’t sure they’re operating across the US, as they are guys from TX. When they told me, they did, we picked them at first because of their appealing prices and auxiliary services we needed at that time, namely: gentle packing, house cleaning after all our stuff is packed-and-loaded (during the first moving), and due to 1-week lag in the second time between move-out/move-in, we had to use temporary storage.

We immediately loved those guys and their attitude to work. Here are just a few things that impressed me the most so these made me choose them again:

  • They were always on time with arrival to our place, packing, loading, delivery, and unpacking
  • We always knew where our belongings were on the road, as they informed me with texts
  • Their trucks were branded and clean, capacious enough (with some space left after those thousands of cubic feet were loaded – we didn’t even think we had so much stuff accumulated o’er the years!), and all workers smelled nicely
  • The price they calculated for me for the entire process hasn’t increased, and so we met all our relocation expectations.

These guys from movers company are professionals. We really don’t want to move again but if we do – we would turn to these apartment movers, no doubt.