Pool Trampolines

It is an ideal springboard to welcome 2 to 4 children aged 2 and over. As you may know, most pool trampolines require parents to remove the pool/liner from the trampoline floor surface and vice versa, as long as the children wish to exchange their functions. These are also known as a water trampoline. This consumes much of the time and increases the probability of error. To prevent this, an inflatable trampoline pool is designed so that the jump mat and liner stay in place forever. This distinguishes this trampoline from many others available on the market.


The dimensions of the pool trampolines are 72 inches in diameter and 15 inches in height. Its dimensions make it ideal for 2-4 children at any time.

Drain valve dedicated

Pool trampolines also has a dedicated drain valve that makes it much easier to empty the pool simply by opening it. It also has a gorilla mode that allows kids to jump one by one to the pool. As mentioned above, the user does not need to remove the cord from the floor, which allows the parents to give the children time to change the mode themselves more easily.



The drain valve inside the trampoline pool is certainly a considerable advantage for this product. It simplifies the process of emptying the pool without any problem. Apart from this, the fact that the lace should not be removed from the ground when changing the trampoline mode makes it extremely easy for parents to stay away from the trampoline, while the kids can easily change their fashion. same.

Big pool

A large pool also adds to the joy that the child experiences while playing in the pool. The playground equipment provided, located at the bottom of the pool trampolines, is added to the list of benefits provided by this trampoline.

Converting a goalkeeper into a pool is easy enough

Converting a ranger into a swimming pool is incredibly easy, as you just have to turn the trampoline around to change the mode. Younger children never touch the ground when using it because of its large diameter.